Years ago my Uncle planned a trip for about 15 members of my family to go on a special all day steam engine train ride on the New River Train in West Virginia. highlights of the day included a stop which allowed photographers to get off the train, the train backed up and then came forward withe steam pouring out so that we could capture it on film., The train travelled through the countryside and allowed us to see scenery that otherwise would not have been possible. I remember going by the state capital at night and seeing it all lit up. It was a very special day. As far as I knew, that was one of the last steam engines and i thought they were pretty much extinct.

At work I became grinds with Chris Coleman. I heard that her was "really into trains". One day he brought his web site up on my computer and showed me a few of his pages, one of which was the "East Broad Homepage". I started reading it and looking at the photographs of this railroad. I was created in 1872-1874 to service coal fields in South-central Pennsylvania. Chris covers EVERY aspect of this rare historic Railroad. His love of this special railroad is apparent as you read his comments and see what he's created. You can't help fall in love with it too. I was hooked.

The railroad is open every Saturday and Sunday from June to October for excursion rides. Each October on Columbus Day weekend the railroad has a special even called the "Fall Spectacular". Usually at least four of their steam locomotives are used and they have special rides each day. Chris ways it is THE time of year to visit! The Fall Spectacular 1998 was my first visit. It was amazing seeing in person what I has seen in Chris's web pages. I has also joined Friends of the East Broad Top, which helps support the East Broad Top in many ways. I again visited the East Broad Top in June of 1999 for the opening. Though it was much calmer than the Fall Spectacular, both visits were special in different ways. At both visits I've met so many nice people who really LOVE this special railroad.

I enjoy taking photographs, and I take a lot as the East Broad Top. I thought it would be fun to share some of them at let people know about this special place! I has never heard of it until Chris shared it with me.

I HIGHLY recommend going through Chris's site. He has information on the history of the railroad, how to visit today, what's going on to preserve it, and information on every locomotive, train, shop and building that exist today, or that no longer exists. He knows the railroad inside and out. He definitely has a flare for writing, ant takes amazing photographs.

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